The Bottakuri Gallery

In the West of Japan, the term 'bottakuri' refers to a practise of overcharging.

This gallery of pictures is not concerned with luxury goods. Rather with essential foodstuffs. It's this way on purpose: To make it stand out. You can get cheaper (sometimes), but there will invariably be 'defects' in appearance or taste. So, you do get what you pay for.

This is my tribute to some of the outrageous prices you can pay in Japan.

If you want to convert the fast and fun way, just divide the figure by 100. This will approximate the value in American dollars.

Please enjoy sitting down --I don't want that someone should faint viewing this page.

A perfect box of cherries for 25000JPY.

A single perfect 'musk melon' (cantaloupe) for 10000JPY.

Three perfect peaches for 10000JPY.

The resolution on this is not too good.
But, if you download this picture and zoom in
on the price affixed to the side of the salmon,
you will find it is 50000JPY.

Various gift-boxes of (beef) steak. Ranging from 15000JPY through 30000JPY.

A perfect box of 24 strawberries for 10000JPY.