Japanese used to have much more healthy habits (macha and okashi)

History shows again and again
How nature points out
The folly of men
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I regret that some parts of this work may have been adversely influenced by certain things I detest. To that end, I do offer an appology.

I know I speak for a vast majority of Canadians, (and, I hope, a vast majority of people everywhere) when I state my case quite clearly as: 'I don't care what substances you use or abuse; just ensure they and you (and/or they) do not adversely influence me.' This is not a new concept. Historical records are quite clear on the subject of enforcement: It is a mute point. Within one or two years after they started, it was quite clear that the 'drug wars' in the United States had done little to stifle 'drug use'. But they were profoundly advantageous to the coffers of police departments.

Opium, MDMA, cocane, etcetera, etcetera. There are many other interesting substances that have been used for one purpose or another. Some have been regulated and/or made illegal. It is only a matter of time before substances which contain nicotine are also added. The burden that thier use places on the health-care system is getting a bit over-whelming (even for the chronically short-sighted politicians).

Historically, most of the 'illicite' substances we now know have been used and/or abused. In my first year psychology elective, we even looked at studies which doccumented how people became addicted to water.

So, in short, substance use and abuse are impossible to stop. The same substances/drugs/whatever that have been used for millenniums, continue to be available today.

I hope I am speaking for more than just myself here, but, I would like it if those who do drugs kindly keep it to themselves. Those who can't, shouldn't. This is part of the reason that I hold a very dim view of those addicted to tobacco products --they don't bother to contain thier dammage. And most are far to thick to understand this concept. Imagine the following: I'll try to make it simple: What if I get a spray-bomb (I'd like to get a squirt-gun, but these provide too concentrated a stream) and, like your lit faggot, set it on 'fine mist'. You like tobacco, I like tea. Now, because the black teas tend to stain, I will limit myself to the green teas, like gyokuro. When you provide to me 'free samples' of that which you like, I shall do likewize. I am sure it would make for an interesting exchange. But, at least there would be some fariness in that neither side would likely enjoy it.

That is why I come down rather hard on tobacco-users. Unlike cocane-users, or heroine-users, (etc.) they do not inadvertantly 'share'.

Clearly, the laws can intimidate, but thier effectiveness is considerably limited. It takes a concerted effort of education and control (self-control and the stemming of supply pipelines) to accomplish two major prerequisites to stemming addiction: Help people learn why it is dangerous, and make it inconvenient to get. History seems to indicate that social stigmatization can also contribute to the effort.

I would like to think that everyone of 'sound mind and body' would, given a choice, choose to take measures to prolong thier life and enhance it's quality. Of course, I could be wrong.